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About Us

At ALLD, we are experts in big data field. We understand the importance of data and its technologies. Every one of us are customer centric and our goal is to delight customers.


Balakrishna Mishro
President and CEO

Balakrishna Mishro is an ex Microsoft, who loves to code everyday. Bala was in Microsoft for 10 years and worked in office365 Antispam team as bigdata engineer. Bala was one of the early member who built the massive data pipeline in antispam team to manage 100TB of data every day. And Bala was one of the member to build few most efficient ML models which still runs in antispam runtime.

As evidenced in this stint at Microsoft, Bala loves to build complex Big Data and Cloud applications and products.

Tapan Acharya

Tapan Acharya was in Microsoft for 13 years and he is an expert in cloud and bigdata technologies.


Onshore | Offshore
While we operate with an onshore-offshore combination of teams to keep the cost down, it also comes with additional benefits. Due to the global operation of teams, it helps with a quicker ramp-up to serve our customers round the clock. It feels like they are operating with a local company at a fraction of the cost to our customers.
We are an agile company with consciousness for quality while maintaining a high speed of delivery. We follow very lean processes within the company, which helps maximize the value to our customers.
Our leadership and employees are very self-critical. If we need to choose one quality, it would be ownership quality as it drives the rest of the behaviors.
Long-Term Relationship
Relationship and friendly culture is deeply engraved in our company's DNA. We don't operate in a hurry. Instead, we work with a mindset to have lifelong healthy relationships. Most of our business is through referral and repeat business, and it is a testament by itself.
We take pride in being flexible to accommodate our customer needs and seamlessly align with the teams' mindset and processes.
Frequent check-ins
We genuinely care about our clients. That's why we request ongoing feedback as the project progresses. Feedback regarding goals, responsibilities, performance, and expectations allows our team to address issues faster and keeps our customers happy.